The True Cost Of Lice Infestation

Comb It Out Lice Removal Has Prepared This Financial Comparison To Demonstrate That They Are The Most Cost Effective Solution 


Missed work (three days at $15.00 hr)                                   $360.00
Over the counter pesticide lice treatment $24.00
Second over the counter treatment                                         $24.00
(still see lice on head after first treatment)  
Prescription from Dr. due to OTC treatments  ineffective  $150.00
Cleaning products                                                                   $30.00
Extra cost in water and electricity from laundry, washing combs and brushes                            $50.00
Beauty tools replaced (hair ties, combs and brushes)         $15.00
Shampoo and Conditioner to repair damaged hair and scalp from the harsh pesticides                $20.00
Total   $673.00
Not including:  
Hours and Hours of combing and searching for eggs and lice  
Days of Stress And No Sleep  
Itching and Scratching from all the pesticides irritating your scalp  
      Costs of Do-It-Yourself Treatments- These elements need to be factored into the equation of cost is Monetary, Emotional, and Physical. Keep in mind that there is cost involved with any lice treatment that you do. In fact, going the do-it-yourself route often ends up being more expensive than using a Comb It Out Lice Removal Specialist.
      Why is that?
    • Consider the monetary costs of the following:               
    • Over-the counter head lice treatment kits that often do not work               
    • Visits to the doctors’ office/prescription shampoos that may not work               
    • Days of missed work and school           
    • Loads and loads of laundry and dry cleaning               
    • Needlessly thrown away combs and other hair accessories
  • And, of course, there are the emotional and physical costs of do-it-yourself treatments:
  • Hours spent in vain combing and treating and picking only to find out a few days later that there are still nits in the hair
  • The frustration of parents not being able to see what is in your own hair
  • Restless, crying, and/or frustrated children who endure picking and pulling at their hair
  • Long term effects of toxic ingredients??
  • The discomfort of Itchy scalps
  • Back aches from constant vacuuming and doing loads of wash

The biggest toll of all are the emotional and psychological ones which include but are not limited to frustration, anger, humiliation, guilt, worry, stress; all of which can be alleviated by a quick  visit to Comb It Out Lice Removal Salon where Lice Removal Specialists are standing by to take care of your family.   However, in my opinion the monetary costs listed here are more on the  conservative side. I believe  they are actually a lot higher  than outlined above.

What You Should Know About Head Lice

What Parents Should Know About Head Lice

Head lice, though common, still make most parents, teachers, and health-care workers uneasy. The good news is that head lice usually do not cause any serious disease and can be treated fairly easily.

What Are Head Lice?

The common head louse is an insect which attaches itself to the scalp and feeds off of human blood. A louse is tiny and mobile and can be hard to spot, especially in individuals with thick hair. Lice lay eggs on the shafts of hair, and often it is these small white "nits" that are the first indication of an infestation.

Who Gets Head Lice?

Young school-aged children and their caregivers are at highest risk for developing head lice. Sharing of hats, hair brushes, and other hair-related items are often integral to spreading the infestation.

How Do Head Lice Spread?

Lice spread through direct contact. They cannot jump or fly and therefore depend upon direct or indirect "head to head" contact. Lice can survive for short periods on clothing, hats, and hairbrushes, so these are often involved in the spread of infestations.

Spotting Head Lice

Lice and their eggs (nits) are visible to the naked eye. They can be variable in color, depending on how recently they have fed. Most frequently it is the nits which are seen, since they are static, round, and white and attached to the hair strands close to the scalp.

Head Lice Symptoms

Although itching may be a sign of a lice infestation, most often individuals are asymptomatic. Keep in mind that although the only reliable sign of an infestation is the presence of a live louse or nymph (juvenile louse), the presence of nits may be a sign that there is or has been an active infestation. Some people develop an allergic response to the lice, and it is not uncommon to see evidence of inflammation on the neck or scalp.

Head Lice Allergies

For individuals who develop an allergic reaction to the lice, there is a risk for developing a bacterial infection due to skin breakdown and over-scratching. In these cases, antibiotics may be required to treat the skin infection. It's important to call the doctor if there is increased swelling, redness, and pain.

If You Think You Have Head Lice

A true head lice infestation needs to be treated. If live lice are detected at any stage, notify a health-care professional and ask for advice about treatment options. Remember to also check the rest of the household contacts, because it is rare to find a single case of lice, given the ease of transmission.

Removing Lice From Hair

Most topical lice treatments are more gentle and natural; always discuss the options with a Lice Removal Specialist. Generally, the topical shampoos have little effect on the nits, so these should be removed manually using a fine-toothed comb. Often, more than one application is needed to ensure complete eradication if the case of the infestation is severe.

Removing Lice From the Home

Try to wash all bedding and clothing possibly exposed to head lice. Though lice cannot survive long without feeding, it serves as another level of security that the lice have been eradicated. Though it is unnecessary to clean and bag all stuffed animals, it is probably wise to focus on the "favorite" bedtime companion.

Head Lice Home Remedies

There are a number of non-medical remedies that have been used over the ages to treat lice infestations. Although there is little evidence that these are effective, many pediatricians recognize that and argue why would you prolong your child's misery.  These include using barrier remedies, such as oil or mayonnaise, and vinegar.

Fine-Toothed Combs

Besides the natural repellent lice treatments, using a fine-toothed comb is also recommended. This will remove nits and casings left behind. It is often a long, tedious process, but it will pay off in the end.

Head Lice Myths

All children are at risk for head lice. It has nothing to do with one's hygiene, income, or other issues. Head lice have been around for thousands of years, and evidence of infestations have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. As long as we remain social beings, head lice will continue to be around.

Head Lice and School

Head lice should not be considered a health hazard and do not spread disease. Therefore the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all healthy children with head lice should not be excluded from school. This flies in the face of many local school policies which exclude children from classes unless all nits have been removed.

Protecting Against Head Lice

Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to prevent all head lice infestations. Children tend to have significant opportunities for head-to-head contact. It is wise to remind children to avoid the sharing of hats, combs, and brushes and plan on checking the child's scalp regularly. The earlier the diagnosis, the easier the treatment.



Comb It Out Lice Removal The Choice Of Parents

Why Comb It Out Lice Removal Services Are The Choice Of Parents And Children

Why Comb It Out Lice Removal Services Are The Choice Of Parents And Children

Comb It Out Lice Removal Services Use Very Natural Based Products
Comb It Out Lice Removal Services Use Very Natural Based Products

Read On To Find Out Why Comb It Out Lice Removal Services Are The Choice Of Parents And Children

If your family has been lucky enough to never have battled against lice infestation it is easy to contemplate why lice removal services and salons are becoming more popular with both parents and children.  Lice is a common problem among school aged children and has been for many years.  However, the appearance of lice removal services are fairly new and just begun to become more accepted by communities worldwide.  Working parents don't have the time nor the expertise to get rid of their children's lice infestation plus to stay home means to lost wages for the parent and school learning time for the children.  So to get rid of this problem quickly and efficiently and make sure it never returns is of utmost importance.  Thus  turning to the professional  services of the lice removal services of Comb It Out ensures that the problem is solved quickly,  efficiently and making sure that it doesn't occur again by following Comb It Out's guidelines for preventing a re-infestation.
Comb It Out Lice Removal salon generally follows certain steps to determine the best treatment for that particular client.  If lice infestation is observed it is advised to have a qualified trained individual to check the situation most likely by observing the scalp and checking for the larvae or eggs, and any lice.  If one member of the household has been found to have lice infestation then it is always advisable and highly recommended to have the entire household be examined for lice as well, as these insects can quickly spread to individuals who live closely together.   These fast breeding  insects just love schools and camps as they can really infiltrate a large group of hosts in these types of enclosed areas to multiply quickly.

Comb It Out Lice Removal Products Are Very Natural and Safe
Comb It Out Lice Removal Products Are Very Natural and Safe


To begin the treatment Comb It Out Lice Removal salons will manually remove the eggs that the louse lay on the hair shaft, which is also known as nits.  This is very important to make sure that further lice don't continue to multiply and lay more eggs.  There are many tools used to complete this part of the treatment process however the most common treatment is using very uber fine tooth combs and rinses to get the nits off of the hair shaft.   After that step is completed then the natural chemical phase can start.  Comb It Out Lice Removal Salon uses professional shampoos that are natural yet powerful enough to kill  lice and  remove any nits that may have been missed in the first phase of treatment.  This is important to make sure that the nits don't hatch and the lice can't continue to multiply and just continue the cycle all over again.  This is a very important step as many at home treatments may only get rid of the infestation temporarily.  And to have the infestation cycle continue over and over again will cost you extra time and money in lost time from work and the mental anguish of the children staying out of school until they can get cleared.

That is why using the convenience of Comb It Out Lice Removal services ends up to be the best choice in the long run as they are trained professionals in the battle of the louse.  Not only do they provide convenience but the methods they employ are the best for removing the lice from your household environment as well as your child's scalp.   Comb It Out Lice Removal services make sure that they give you tips and strategies to take home with you to help you to eradicate the lice from your home environment forever.  The big plus however is that your children and you can return to normal daily life without fear and stigma.  Now that is priceless.....


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