Lice Removal What Is Your Choice For Your Child?

Effective lice removal is easy when the family works as a team to put an end to the bothersome problem. Before you pop off to the pharmacy to spend money on commercial brand over the counter products, and even if you spend some time online finding out about alternative and practical remedies. There really is only one essential tool you absolutely need when battling lice , and that’s a good nit comb. All of the treatment products you need can be found at your nearest Comb It Out Lice Removal Salon, and will cost a lot less  in time, money and mental anguish, than that  chemical based removal solutions that you just read about online.  Believe me, we know because we have clients coming to us afterwards to help them fix the problem because they thought they could Do It Yourself and just ended up spending more money and prolonging their child’s misery.  Now we will present you the information that is out there however make no mistake we are hoping you will make the right decision based on the facts we present to you here on our website and choose our professional guaranteed services at Comb It Out Lice Removal Salon.  Give our Lice Removal Specialists a call to ask any questions or book an appointment for a Free Dry Check we are here for you at 925-849-6496 .   In addition we also have a mobile website where you can make appointments and get directions  as well

Nit Removal is made easy by Comb It Out Lice Removal Uses The Highest Quality Steel combs

Comb It Out Lice Removal Uses The Highest Quality Steel combs

Understanding Pharmaceutical Products

The majority of over the counter medications and products can be broken down into two main categories; pesticide based and silicone based solutions.

Many parents, after researching these products, feel dubious about their effectiveness. They also share understandable concerns that these chemical based solutions could cause other potential risks.

Pesticide based anti-insect chemicals products will contain poison. Although in the past, these may have proven to be effective; there is evidence that suggests that the lice are now developing a resistance to the chemicals, evolving immunity to the insecticides used.

Silicone based products attempt to smother the critters. These newer treatments have been developed following the success of an alternative remedy which smothers the parasites overnight however still leaves the nits behind which can cause the cycle to restart all over again.

Natural Lice Repellant Products Comb It Out Lice Removal Products Are Very Natural and Safe

Comb It Out Lice Removal Products Are Very Natural and Safe

Understanding DIY  Home Alternatives

Whether you decide to go down the chemical route, or the ineffective DIY home remedies path,  we sincerely hope you decide to try our professional services at  Comb It Out Lice Removal Salon.  We carry our  brand of the best steel nit  comb on the market.  We encourage you to  invest and buy a good steel nit comb. We carry, without a doubt, one of the best parasite removal products available on the market. The nit combs can be used alongside our treatment, and can be used every day and are available for sale at  Comb It Out Lice Removal Salon.  As there are inexpensive combs out there but they need to be durable to last through rigorous use so don’t waste your money on a comb that can break.

There are lots of different home DIY alternatives online, but they can be quite expensive in terms of time, labor and cost.  Most School Districts don’t allow the infected child back into school until that child has been cleared of the louse infestation.  Which requires a doctor’s note or a note from a Lice Removal Specialist stating that the child has been treated and is cleared to return to school.

If the parent has to take care of this then they have to take time off work and that can be expensive not to mention the nightmare of washing all the bed sheets and pillow cases and clothing of the entire household.  It can be a daunting task and very tedious and time consuming combing out each strand of hair making sure that the adult louse and eggs (nits) are all eradicated.  This could last days if you don’t have the knowledge of what you should be looking our for.    We have done a cost analysis to show parents that using one of our  Lice Removal Specialist actually saves them time, money and their sanity!

Below are some DIY  home methods that are questionable in their efficacy by many pediatricians:

• The Smothering Method – Use Vaseline, mayonnaise or oils to achieve the same effect as silicone based treatments.

• White Vinegar – Use white vinegar to soak dry hair for 30 minutes. White vinegar is believed to break down chitin, the substance securing nits (the insect eggs) to the hair shaft.

• Tea Tree Oil –  Australian essential oil is believed to help in the the fight against the parasitic blood suckers.

Home Remedies Just Don’t Work.

Smothering lice with mayonnaise or olive oil will not work either.  Lice have a breathing system that is also protected by this hard exoskeleton.  We have had people tell us, their child slept with a head of mayo for 8 hours.  This is a waste of time!

There are people who give advice online to put kerosene and mouth wash on your child’s head. THIS DOES NOT WORK, AND IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS IN EVERY WAY!   Do NOT put these types of products on your child’s head.  It can burn their scalp, their eyes, and cause hair loss.

There are a number of non medical remedies that have been used over the ages to treat lice infestations. Although there is little evidence that these are effective, many pediatricians recognize that there is no harm in trying them out however they just seem to prolong your child’s discomfort as they take longer to use and as we said their efficacy is questioned even though they are natural.   When you have lice you want to be rid of it as fast as possible from your child’s head and from your home as well.   This really isn’t the time to try out methods that aren’t proven as  effective as in the long run you will end up spending more money than you need to plus every infestation has a mental and physical cost to pay besides the monetary one.  Psychologically it can be so stigmatizing to your child with the shame that they feel for having contracted this pest plus bringing it to their home too!   So we at Comb It Out Lice Removal strongly suggest to come in to our salon and we will help you right away assess the situation and check out the whole entire family.   We have a really discreet location and all interactions are kept in the utmost confidence.

Time to Treat the Home

Again, the choice is yours whether you decide that chemical, DIY homemade treatments, or visiting a Professional Lice Removal  Salon such as Comb It Out Lice Removal Salon,  are right for you.  However, if you choose Comb It Out Lice Salon, which we hope you will, to save yourself all the heartache and mental anguish and not prolong your child’s misery.  We will give you all the advice and tips that we have to help your child’s hair and your infected home as well.  All families suffering with an infestation of the blood sucking parasites need to take proactive measures around the home, as well as with the hosts (the people immediately affected by the infestation).

An adult louse can live for up to 72 hours without a host. It can hide in bedding, towels and clothing, so it’s important that the entire family works together to actively remove any surviving insects in the home. The family must remember to not share any clothes, towels or bedding during the treatment stages, as this will reduce the risk of re-occurrences further.

Lice Infestation Requires Washing Bedding And Stuffed Animals To ensure No Reoccurences

Washing Bedding and Stuffed Animals to get rid of the head lice infestation in the home

If you do not want to replace all your combs and brushes, it will be necessary to let them set in boiled water for 10min or soak in rubbing alcohol for an hour. This includes all hair accessories as well. If it is not possible to disinfect them with boiling water or alcohol, place them in a plastic bag, seal it and do not use the items again for at least two weeks.

All bedding and clothing must be washed in hot water, and dried on the highest heat setting. This should kill any lice and nits that may be stuck to the clothing, or linen. Don’t’ forget about all blankets and stuffed animals. Again, if the items cannot be washed, seal them in plastic bags for a two weeks.

It will also be necessary to vacuum all carpets, and furniture.

Please see our cost analysis page at  to help you save money in your battle against these pesky buggers!

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The Lice Removal Products are completely safe and natural

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Comb It Out Lice Removal Uses The Highest Quality Steel combs

Comb It Out Lice Removal Uses The Highest Quality Steel combs


Comb It Out Lice Removal Travel Packs

Comb It Out Lice Removal Travel Packs


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