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Many people are mortified when their child is sent home from school with head lice. One of the most common myths about head lice is that only people who are hygienically deprived have them. The truth is, head lice don’t care if your hair is clean or dirty, if your house is spotless or grimy. All they want is to make a meal of your blood.

The nits, must be removed from your child’s hair to stop the infestation. There are products on the market, such as shampoos or conditioners that are designed to kill lice. Unfortunately, these not as effective as promised.

Any nits left in the hair will hatch and re-infest your child’s hair.  You will need a lice removal comb with teeth that are extremely close. This will remove most of the Lice and Nits. You can find these combs at Comb It Out Lice Removal Salon.  Nits are attached to the hair shaft with a type of glue secreted by the adult head lice. They are very small, and difficult to see, especially with light or blonde colored hair.

Parents should also have their own hair checked for lice and nits, since lice move from one person to another through head to head contact.   We have found that most parents don’t even know what they are looking for.

Here at Comb It Out Lice Removal Salon it is our job to make it easy on you as parents and mostly for your children to quickly help get your child’s hair free of lice and nits so that they can smile again, get them back to school and their daily routine.  Which helps you as a parent to get back to YOUR normal routine as well.

But keep in mind that removing lice can be very time consuming and is generally considered a real pain.

Most parents welcome the new advanced strategies for dealing with head lice without that much effort and without the need to pick nits because they now have us- Comb It Out Lice Removal Specialists we are your professionals who will remove the lice from your children’s hair and save you time, money and heartache in the process.   Let us take care of the hard mundane work of making sure you didn’t miss a nit which would cause this whole cycle to re occur again.   Do it right from the start so you don’t end up spending more money than you should have to.

We have a professional comfortable discreet environment.  Your child will be very well taken care of

We have a professional comfortable discreet environment. Your child will be very well taken care of


Here at Comb It Out Lice Removal Salon we have a 24/7 appointment line because when this happens you don’t want to wait and we know the feeling.   We are discreet and professional with all our clients and we make the time in the salon fun for the child as they have been traumatized enough as it is.  Our mission is to take care of the entire family and get everyone back to the happy place they were before this all started.  Please call with any questions  you have any we are here for you 925-849-6496 and we also have a mobile website http://m.combitout.com 



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Our Lice Repel Products Are Natural, Safe and We Even Have Travel Packs.

The Lice Removal Products are completely safe and natural

Our lice repel products are completely safe, and our caring staff will make sure that your little one leaves feeling better about themselves.


Comb It Out Lice Removal Uses The Highest Quality Steel combs

Comb It Out Lice Removal Uses The Highest Quality Steel combs


Comb It Out Lice Removal Travel Packs

Comb It Out Lice Removal Travel Packs


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