The Cost Of Lice Infestation Per Child

Think Comb It Out is too expensive?

Let’s do the math for just one child…

Comb It Out Lice Removal Salon Also Gets Your Child Back To Being Happy Again and That Is Priceless…

Comb It Out Lice Removal Has Prepared This Financial Comparison To Demonstrate That They Are The Most Cost Effective Solution

Missed work (three days at $15.00 hr)                                   $360.00
Over the counter pesticide lice treatment $24.00
Second over the counter treatment                                         $24.00
(still see lice on head after first treatment)
Prescription from Dr. due to OTC treatments  ineffective  $150.00
Cleaning products                                                                   $30.00
Extra cost in water and electricity from laundry, washing combs and brushes                            $50.00
Beauty tools replaced (hair ties, combs and brushes)         $15.00
Shampoo and Conditioner to repair damaged hair and scalp from the harsh pesticides                $20.00
Total   $673.00
Not including:
Hours and Hours of combing and searching for eggs and lice  
Days of Stress And No Sleep  
Itching and Scratching from all the pesticides irritating your scalp  
      Costs of Do-It-Yourself Treatments- These elements need to be factored into the equation of cost is Monetary, Emotional, and Physical
      Keep in mind that there is cost involved with any lice treatment that you do. In fact, going the do-it-yourself route often ends up being more expensive than using a Comb It Out Lice Removal Specialist. Why is that?

Consider the monetary costs of the following:

  •                 Over-the counter head lice treatment kits that often do not work
  •                 Visits to the doctors’ office/prescription shampoos that may not work
  •                 Days of missed work and school
  •                 Loads and loads of laundry and dry cleaning
  •                 Needlessly thrown away combs and other hair accessories

And, of course, there are the emotional and physical costs of do-it-yourself treatments:

    1. Hours spent in vain combing and treating and picking only to find out a few days later that there are still nits in the hair
    2. The frustration of parents not being able to see what is in your own hair
    3. Restless, crying, and/or frustrated children who endure picking and pulling at their hair
    4.  Long term effects of toxic ingredients??
    5. The discomfort of Itchy scalps
    6.  Back aches from constant vacuuming and doing loads of wash

The biggest toll of all are the emotional ones which include but are not limited to frustration, anger, humiliation, guilt, worry, stress; all of which can be alleviated by  a to visit Comb It Out Lice Removal Salon.

That is why we are here for you to make sure that you don’t have to overspend and that you do it right and be done with it once and for all!  We are professional Lice Removal Specialists and we are trained to handle this situation and we have for years!  We will get you through this situation with dignity and effectiveness to return your children and household back to the happy clean state of mind that it was prior to this infestation!   Make your appointment 925-849-6496 even after hours we have a 24/7 appointment line just for you because when this happens you want to get rid of these louse as soon as possible.  We also have a mobile website where you can make your appointment and call us as well    Get your child’s and your happiness back as soon as possible and that is our mission to help you achieve that state of mind and being as fast as possible.  Don’t wait start off in the right direction from the beginning and really save yourself time, money and stress.

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One comment on “The Cost Of Lice Infestation Per Child
  1. S. Weinstock says:

    Frankly I believe that this cost is really more! Pam and Sofia are making this really conservative but I truly believe it is a lot more expensive and this is just for one child. Imagine this doubled or tripled. Plus the mental anguish you can’t really put a cost to that however it is hard to spring back from this but if you have really good Lice Removal Specialists to help your family move past this incident in a expert, compassionate way that is a huge definite plus! I beleive that is what really sets Comb It Out apart from a lot of other Lice Removal services.

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Comb It Out Lice Removal Uses The Highest Quality Steel combs


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